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Welcome to the IGN Walkthrough for Spyro 2! Covering both the 1999 original and the 2018 Reignited remake, this guide will take you step-by-step through each of the levels in Avalar, pointing you to every Talisman, Gem and Orb in the game.

It should be mentioned that this Walkthrough will not cover the Dragonfly Eggs exclusive to the PS1 version of the game, given how obscure they are due to the PocketStation requirement. If you want to find them, please head to the Dragonfly Egg Locations section.

There are three groups of levels in Avalar, each with a Home World, a collection of normal levels, and at least one Speedway level, all of which can be attempted in roughly any order you like. Read the list below to learn how to find everything in each of the levels.

Note that the level listing below matches that of the main Walkthrough, not the in-game Guidebook. As such, Glimmer is the first Summer Forest world, and Metro Speedway is grouped with the first half of the Autumn Plains worlds.

Summer Forest is the first and most friendly set of worlds in Avalar. While there are places with bite, for the most part these worlds are designed to help you get used to the gameplay and design that will be ramped up in the latter two home worlds.

Autumn Plains is the second Home World of Avalar. Here, the game expects you to have familiarity with the controls and the ways in which enemies can attack you, and the Orb Challenges will start to become quite tricky.


Winter Tundra is the final set of world in Avalar. At this point, the game expects to you be fully familiar with the way Spyro controls and how quickly the enemies can take away your health. The gloves are off now!

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